7 Principles

What we do

We offer geotechnical and structural engineering assistance from conceptual through to detailed design and design review. Through established partnerships we can also offer tunnel safety & ventilation, bored tunnel design, rail design, pipeline and environmental engineering.

Our focus is developing underground space in difficult site or soil conditions.

With nearly 15 years of international experience in building geotechnical and structural engineering teams, we give you oversight of your job and build a team that can design it. We build your resources so they can resolve your engineering problems and get it done within the time frame that you need. We give you insight into your risks and control over them.

Collaboration concept

When you have a lack of resources or are missing the right experience for the job, we can subordinate our experienced team members as Geotechnical or Structural Design Leader. But this doesn’t solve your long term resource problem. So we offer to train your junior engineers - on the job - and supply additional resources for building up your team.

How we work

Introducing the seven design and working principles that guide us...

1 the people are the success factor

2 we listen

3 we use resources effectively

4 everything works together

5 we innovate on demand

6 we design for the future

7 we improve

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Our 7 design principles

principle #1 - the people are the success factor

We believe the prowess and motivation of your engineering team determine the outcome of your project. That’s why our primary investment is in the team of engineers that will do your job: we carefully select candidates for both their technical as their team role. Our engineers undergo consistent training on a technical and professional level. And we integrate and motivate the team to provide outstanding results. This team is your guarantee of a successful project outcome, come what may.

principle #2 - we listen

It’s your project. So you need to get what you want. It’s our job to understand that. This means we take the time to specify your requirements but we also come back with our progress and are open and flexible with changing needs.

principle #3 we use resources effectively

It’s not only your project, it’s also your investment. So we put first things first and don’t waste time. We optimize where it counts. We control your risk. And other things we leave.

principle #4 everything works together

Our world is getting ever more intertwined. The best design is the one that balances the best of everybody’s worlds: be it environment, safety, constructability, cost or delivery date. We study outside our field to better understand our partners. That brings you the best design - with all areas working together. That’s integrated design.

principle #5 - innovation (but only on demand)

So engineers love to innovate. That brings you the opportunity for faster, cheaper and better projects. But we prefer innovation only when you really need it. That’s because we understand that innovation also brings uncertainty and risk. If it’s cheaper to “buy a wheel from the shelf" than to hire an engineer, why would we redesign the wheel? 

principle #6 - we design for the future

A full cradle-to-cradle design is our ideal. But in a real world we start with the concept of reduce-reuse-recycle. We look for longer life cycles of our structures, maintainability and adaptability to changing conditions. And we ask the same of our supply chain.

principle #7 - we improve

We archive our design material conscientiously. Why? Because then we can look back and improve it for your next project. We don’t want to make mistakes, so we learn from other´s first.

We evaluate our team and set annual goals for improvement.

And we value your scrutiny - continuously challenging ourselves to improve coherence to our seven guiding principles.

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